Filip Raclavský

Filip Raclavský
born 1976 in Olomouc, Czechoslovakia

lives and works in Velký Týnec, Czech Republic

solo exhibitions

2020 Unstable Alliance (?), Janáček Gallery, Přibyslav
2017 Energy, GalerieZET, Velká Bystřice
2016 Painting No. 344, Zámecká galerie PRO JEDEN OBRAZ, Velký Týnec
2007 Return of the Energy, Galerie PATRO, Olomouc

group exhibitions
2022 Ateliers/22, Olomouc City Gallery
2020 10. Anniversary, GalerieZET, Velká Bystřice
2020 30. Anniversary since UVUO foundation, Olomouc City Gallery
2020 New Members UVUO, Olomouc City Gallery
2019 Road to Freedom, PAVELČÁKOVA, Olomouc
2019 Moravian Theatre and Philharmonic, 8 UVUO members selection, Olomouc
2019 White Red Blue, Gallery BAVIERA, Centro Cultural de la República Checa, Málaga, Spain
2018 Ateliers 2018, Olomouc City Gallery
2008 Gallery selection, Galerie SKÁCELÍK, Olomouc

paintings in collections
Robert Runták collection
Municipality Velký Týnec collection
Filip Raclavský is collected by various private collectors in Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, Hungary and USA

Hejčín High School, Olomouc (1990-1994)
Palacky University - Faculty of Education (2001-2006)
Union of Olomouc Fine Artists, member
War veteran

Filip Raclavský has been painting intensively since 2004.

Filip spent more than 25 years in the law enforcement agencies. He completed a one-year UN mission in Kosovo (1999), worked for almost 4 years in Afghanistan as a police advisor (2007-2011), and participated in the implementation of the witness protection program in the Czech Republic as a member of the Special Operational Department. He also coordinated a project focusing on helping crime victims and as a social worker of Child Protection Services, he worked with abused and neglected children. He has experienced and seen a lot; beautiful stuff, sad, evil, and tragic.

From the very beginning, he was fascinated by the principle of opposites, such as the contrast between precise geometry and absolute chaos. That is why geometric shapes play such an important role in his work and represent, in his view, the order and rules with which he was most confronted in his career. It then creates an interconnected energy field by connecting spots, splashes, prints and geometric lines. Other action and gestural elements give his paintings the necessary dynamism and animality, and give room for spontaneity, accident, and liberation. This can be viewed as a certain controlled freedom of painting.

Above all, the artist's "gemini split" personality and, of course, all the life experiences he has gathered over the years are reflected in his work. He is similarly affected by current events at home and in the world (policeman/artist, surveillance/freedom, war/peace, good/evil, violence/harmony, creation/destruction, resistance/compliance).

Filip paints on the highest quality linen canvases, with acrylic paints that he layers on top of each other, and then adjusts them further. In addition to brushes, he applies colors with various tools, spatulas, a piece of cloth or with his bare hands. He combines different manufacturers of acrylic paints, due to their different consistency, which helps him create a richly structured surface (network). The result is a picture full of color and energy... searching for its own balance.