Filip Raclavský

Things happen from moment to moment; I'm just trying to adapt to them.

It strikes me as a suitable strategy for functioning in today's complicated world, which, in my opinion, is heavily infested with digital and information smog. We are surrounded by all kinds of networks, rules, regulations, laws, and we are overwhelmed by a huge number of impulses on a daily basis.

Naturally then, I am drawn to a certain simplification, to a plain perception of colors and shapes; to more ordinary things that I encounter in my surroundings.

This is probably why I create certain spontaneous and instinctive image collages. I find inspiration in my own memories, experiences, books, photographs, magazines, and current events. I am also influenced by the people around me, the landscape, various objects, symbols, animals, the atmosphere of the village... just anything that interests me enough to find its way onto the canvas.

I am most interested in tension, indecision, melancholy, fatality, and also various opposites, and especially beauty, my version of beauty...