The DIVIDED SOCIETY series attempts to illustrate the fact that society is not usually radically divided into just two different equal size groups, and where a thick, impenetrable line is drawn between them. A set of people in society, typically and quite naturally, diverges in opinion, with the majority of the population then meeting somewhere in the middle. Using media abbreviations about a Divided Society is the domain of the two (extreme) social groups that aggressively impose their views on the world to us; yet they are unable to tolerate opinions of others. I would like to show in my paintings how often you can see these extremes, especially in the media (headlines), and how little we notice the beautiful and rich life in the middle (in the background). Most citizens still live in an environment full of diversity of opinion, factual arguments and willing to seek functional compromises. I think people don't live to hate each other; people just try to have a nice and happy life.