Filip Raclavský (born 31. 5. 1976 in Olomouc)

Union of Olomouc Fine Artists, member 
War veteran

Hejčín High School, Olomouc (1990-1994)
Palacky University, Faculty of Education, MSW (2001-2006)
Police of the Czech Republic (1995-2012)
UNMIK UN Mission in Kosovo (1999-2000)
Special Operation Department - Witness Protection (2001-2012)
EUPOL EU Mission in Afghanistan (2007-2009 a 2010-2012)
Probation and Mediation Service of the Czech Republic (2013)
Municipal Police Velký Týnec (2014-2020)
Olomouc City Hall, Department of Social and Legal Protection of Children (2021-   )

I have started to paint in 2004; I simply could not resist feeling that I had to transfer my ideas and creativity to the canvas. I have a weakness for geometry and dynamic abstract painting. I believe that action and gesture elements, along with other specific techniques, give my images an individual uniqueness.